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Why Do We Clean Homes in the Spring?


Spring has officially arrived in Orem, UT, and that can mean only one thing: It’s time for spring cleaning. With all the dust settled from this past winter, now’s the time to get out the duster, vacuum, and spray bottles to start polishing up the interior. If you’re thinking about skipping out on this yearly tradition, here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t.

3 Reasons Why Spring Cleaning is Important

It Cleans Up Winter’s Mess

Many people in Orem have fireplaces and keep their windows shut during the winter because it’s freezing outside. All that dust and soot collects on the walls and floors for several months, leaving the interior quite dirty and messy. Even if you clean up every day, there are places that you may have missed. Take this time to detail your living spaces by cleaning up all the dust, allergens, and other airborne particles.

It’s a Chance to Declutter

You may have collected quite a few things over the winter, especially winter clothing. Take this time to go through that seasonal wardrobe and separate the cold weather gear from your spring and summer clothes. But don’t leave them in your closets and dressers; that will only take up valuable real estate. Pack them away in plastic storage bins and store them for the warmer months in storage units at Stor’em.

It Improves Your Mood

For some people, cleaning has a positive effect on their mood. Something about a clean, organized home makes people feel livelier and more accomplished. Those people are also able to concentrate on tasks more easily. Turn a regular household chore like cleaning into a mentally cleansing routine – a sort of meditation. Think of it as a time not only to clean your home, but also your mind.

Spring Cleaning With Self Storage

It’s tempting to spend those early spring days enjoying the weather outside in Orem, UT. If you take a few days to clean up and declutter your home, you’ll have plenty of days to go hiking, camping, and more. If you find a few things that clutter up your space, bring them to Stor’em Self Storage. We’ll keep your things secure and organized until you need them again.