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The essential guide to great camping trip from Stor

The Essential Guide to Making Your Camping Trip Great


Everybody knows to bring along a tent, sleeping bags, and fire starters on a camping trip. It’s the other essential items that can go unpacked. Whether you’re camping near American Fork, UT or taking a longer road trip to your destination, Stor’em Self Storage has a short list of items to pack in the car before you head to your camping spot.

3 Essential Items to Bring on a Camping Trip

Cooking Equipment

You don’t have to use sticks and a stone pit to cook on when you’re camping in the woods. It’s not considered cheating to bring along a few pots and pans as well as a small generator for running a griddle. You can even bring a grill with you and have a barbecue right there in Mother Nature. Don’t forget to pack some utensils, plates, and a few paper towel rolls.

Hand Cleanser

You’re exposed to a lot of bacteria in the forest, so bringing along some hand cleanser is a good idea. You’ll touch everything from trees and plants to dirt and stones. Make sure to wash your hands periodically to fight against germs and to keep your hands clean as you hike or lounge around your camping spot.

Gallons of Water

You can never have too much water on hand during a camping trip. What if the car breaks down on the way there or you get lost in the woods? Maybe your spot doesn’t have running water and you need to keep hydrated. Regardless of how it happens, getting caught in the outdoors without water can make things go wrong quickly. Always pack a few gallons of water to bring with you on your trip. You can use it for drinking, washing, and putting out the campfire.

Use Self Storage for Your Camping Supplies

When you lack space at home, Stor’em Self Storage in American Fork, UT, is the perfect place to store your camping equipment and supplies. Storage units come in many different sizes, giving you options for storing a little or a lot. You can pick up your equipment before you take off and have a place to keep it stored out of the way when you get back.