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How to Use Self Storage In a Life Transition


Sometimes things happen, and you need a place to store your belongings for the short or long term. Maybe you’re moving away from Payson, UT or expecting a new member of the family. No matter the reason, we do our best to help make your life transitions a smoother experience.

Life Transition: How a Storage Unit Helps

Moving Away

If you’ve called Payson, UT your home for years, it can be hard to say goodbye. Life happens, however, and sometimes change can be a good thing. Even if you’re only moving across town, self storage makes it easy to transition from one place to the next, giving you a place to keep your belongings for the meantime.

Going to College

When the kids go off to college, you can either leave their room the way it is or transform it into a new workout room, a studio, or a quiet place to read and write. Making those improvements can be a perfect situation to think about self storage, giving you a temporary or permanent place for your kids’ belongings.

The Unexpected

Perhaps you’ve lost a loved one or have suffered a breakup. Sometimes you need to get away for a while or invite someone to visit who can help you through a tough time. Perhaps it’s an unexpected disaster such as a tornado or a flood. When those moments occur, it’s good to have a place to store your things until everything gets back to normal.

Growing Family

When it’s time to transform the music room into a nursery – or the office back into a spare bedroom for extended family visits – self storage is a great alternative to selling or donating its old occupants. Whether you’re expecting a permanent new addition or simply a temporary guest, think self storage.

Your Own Stor’em Self Storage Unit

Storage units give you the necessary additional space to make room at home or to keep your stuff protected while you’re going through a life change. Because they’re available in many different sizes, storage units can accommodate a few belongings or several rooms full of stuff. Let Stor’em Self Storage in Payson, UT work with you to find the perfect unit that fits your needs and budget no matter how long you need it.