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7 Common Items That Are Vulnerable to Heat and Cold Damage


Some people store their belongings without thinking about heat and cold damage. Items such as photos and electronics are susceptible to temperature changes and require temperature-controlled storage. If you’re looking to store your items in either heated storage or cooled storage, Stor’em has the right units in Sandy, UT, to keep your stuff protected.

7 Items to Keep in Temperature Controlled Storage

Collector’s Items

Baseball cards, autographed posters, and other collectibles are prone to heat damage. Direct sunlight causes fading, and extreme temperatures cause warping and cracking. Store these items in a temperature-controlled unit to prevent unnecessary damage.

Works of Art

Priceless artwork can fade and melt in hot summer temperatures. Avoid storing paintings in garages and attics where the interior temperatures can exceed the highs outside.

Leather Furniture

Leather furniture and clothing can dry out in the heat and crack when the temperatures turn cold. It’s best to keep these items in a dry, temperature-controlled unit to avoid heat, cold, and moisture damage.

Wooden Furniture

It can get quite humid in the summer. When you combine the heat with the humidity, you get dangerous conditions for wood furniture. If it’s exposed to excess moisture and heat, it can crack and rot over time.

Fine Clothing

You should always keep delicate clothing, such as wedding dresses and blouses, in a ventilated area. A dry yet cool storage unit is vital when storing clothing for an extended time.


Keeping electronics in a hot, humid space is a recipe for disaster. The moisture can damage internal parts, and the heat can crack the plastics. Temperature control is a smart option if you want to store your TVs, DVD players, and other electronics without risk of damage.

Papers and Photos

Tax documents, birth certificates, family photo albums – never store these items in an outdoor storage unit. The heat can distort the photos, and the humidity could promote mold and mildew. Avoid the chance for heat or cold damage and always store your important papers and photos in a storage unit with temperature control.

Get Temperature-Controlled Storage at Stor’em

Don’t take the risk when storing your belongings in attics, basements, and garages. We provide temperature control in our Sandy, UT, storage units, keeping your things at a consistent temperature no matter the season. Whether you’re looking for cooled storage in the summer or heated storage in the winter, Stor’em protects your items all year long. Rent a unit today!