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5 Tips for Organizing Your Bedroom Closet


No matter how much you try to revamp your bedroom closet, chances are that it could use even more organization. With all the retail shops in and around San Marcos, CA, it’s easy to bring in more clothes than your closet can handle. If you feel overwhelmed by the current state of your closet, we have some helpful hints to turn your closet into a more organized and functional part of your bedroom.

5 Closet Organization Tips for Your Bedroom

Invest in a Shoe Rack

It’s easy to toss your shoes on the closet floor. But if you have a lot of shoes, that’s a recipe for a huge mess. Buying (and using) a shoe rack will keep all your shoes organized and neat in their own place.

Use a Hanging Shelf Organizer

A hanging shelf organizer attaches to the rod easily and comes with up to six cubbyholes. Use them to store your folded T-shirts, socks, and other clothing. Buy attractive bins to fit and create an attractive set of drawers. As a bonus, it’ll save you space for delicate dress shirts, jackets, and other hanging clothing.

Organize Your Clothes by Category

You’ll find exactly what you’re looking for if you organize your clothes by category. You can use color-coordinated hangers to make this even easier. Separate items by type or function. If you want to get even more specific, you can always hang them by sleeve length or create a “warm to cool” color story to make things even easier to identify.

Learn What to Stack and What to Hang

You don’t have to hang every article of clothing. In fact, it’s better for many items’ upkeep if they’re nothanging. Carefully fold and stack your thick sweaters (or use a vacuum bag to store them during the spring) and denim jeans on a closet shelf. Also, you should always hang your delicate items. Don’t forget to roll your socks and underwear to save space.

Part with Some Things

It’s hard to part with clothes that you’ve had for years, but you might have to if you want to make room in your closet. Take inventory of your wardrobe and separate things into two piles: one for keeping and one for tossing out. Remember: If you can’t stand to part with your clothes, you can always invest in an off-site storage unit.

Reorganize Your Closets With Self Storage

When it comes to closet organization, Stor’em Self Storage has you covered. Invest in a storage unit to store your unused or seasonal clothing. You can then sell it, donate it, or hold on to it for the future. With the extra space in your closet, you’ll be ready to hit the shops in San Marcos, CA for some new and updated clothes.