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Benefits of Using Self Storage for Inventory at Stor

3 Benefits of Using Self Storage for Inventory


Most small businesses share the reality of limited resources. Not every small business has the capital for a large rental space, massive inventory, or multiple employees. Some businesses begin at home and then move into a place once they’re established. Stor’em Self Storage has the scoop on how to use small business storage in Escondido, CA, to boost your productivity from the start.

3 Benefits of Using Self Storage for Inventory

It lowers the costs for the business.

If you’re opening a physical location, you’ll need to base the square footage on your inventory, supplies, and equipment. The costs can add up, especially if you’re opening in a busy or popular side of town. You’ll save money each month by renting a smaller space and storing your inventory in an off-site storage unit.

It saves space for other things.

Most small businesses start out at home, which means less space for setting up an office or storing inventory. If you store everything in a storage unit, you’ll have space at home for your office furniture, equipment, and other essential supplies. Even businesses with physical shops can store their inventory and excess documents in self storage and get back much-needed space.

It’s good for keeping organized.

It’s easy for clutter to pile up in a business. New inventory gets jumbled with the old, and important documents get lost somewhere in the mix. When you have dedicated storage space for everything, the entire business runs efficiently and smoothly, creating a more productive environment.

What Not to Store in Storage Units

Though small business storage is ideal for keeping things neatly tucked away, it’s not for everything in your business. Let’s take a look at some common inventory items that would be best kept at home or in the store:

  • Perishable food items
  • Live animals
  • Flammable and corrosive materials
  • Plants
  • Scented oils and other pest attractors

Inventory Storage Done Right at Stor’em

Stor’em Self Storage understands that small businesses need extra space for their inventory. If you’re on a tight budget, we have you covered with inventory storage units in Escondido, CA, and other communities in the area. Keeping your inventory stored with us not only saves you space at home but also reduces the amount of retail space you’ll need for a brick-and-mortar store. Rent with us today!